There are many other hotels and guest houses in the area around Stroud, Wotton Under Edge and Dursley area which can be found by calling the Stroud Tourist information centre on 01453 760960 or web site
For further details call The Shakedown Hotline on
01772 761522 or 07887 368106or
and check out our page on
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Hotels and B&Bs
Accommodation: Camping is included in the price of a weekend ticket – just bring a tent or caravan. Toilet facilities, showers and running water on site. For those that want their creature comforts some local hotels close the festival site are  >>

Prince of Wales Hotel 01453 810474

The Gables Hotel
01454 260502

Local B & B's


Foresters 01453 549996 

The Pillars 01453 810636

Greenacre Farm
01453 810348 

Slimbridge Youth Hostel 01453 890275